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In preparation for the convening of the 23rd Regular Sobor of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA, the Seminary Board of the St. Sophia Ukrainian Orthodox Theological Seminary met in the Seminary Library.

His Eminence Metropolitan Antony - Rector and Chairman of the Board, greeted the board members and thanked them for their service throughout the previous years.  His Eminence Archbishop Daniel - Vice Rector and Provost, of the Seminary informed the board members of the latest news concerning the seminary.  With 24 students enrolled, the Seminary has a comprehensive schedule, comprised of 8 fulltime and 16 parttime students who are studying in the various programs provided by the institution.

The Seminary has entered numerous joint ventures with various Schools of Theology, broadening the scope and the experience made available to the students.

The Seminary played a pivotal role over the past many years as the world suffered through the pandemic, by being the glue that held the faithful together.  In moments of fear, trepidation, and uncertainty, the faithful of the Church tuned in daily for the regular Evening Prayers, praying along with the seminarians and all the hundreds of others who would join the livestream every evening at 9 PM.  Even in isolation, the faithful felt included, prayed for, and surrounded by the Grace of the Lord, as they all joined as one in worship.

While expenses have risen for everything from books, school supplies, cleaning supplies, food, and other necessities, and the facility is facing the same new reality that all of society faces as the country struggles financially, through the donations of the faithful of the Church, and various scholarships, the Seminary is producing top-notch clergy.  Many of the recent graduates of the institution have now moved on and serve in parishes throughout the United States, utilizing the education they received through all the long hours of study and practicum, to serve the people of the Church.

Having reviewed the budget for the coming year, and discussed future plans, the meeting was adjourned just in time for Evening Prayers.  The Board Members made their way to the Seminary where they joined the seminarians in prayer.  The current student body promises to yield positive results and enrich the Church with more clergy that will go out and become Fishers of Men.

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