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Christ is amongst us!

As Metropolitan of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA and Acting Rector of Saint Sophia Theological Seminary, I join with my Christ-loving brother in the Episcopacy His Grace Bishop Daniel in offering prayers of thanks giving for benefits, known and unknown which have been given to the Seminary during its thirty-five years of service in preparing spiritually, intellectually and pastorally those who have been called by our Lord and Good Shepherd Jesus Christ, to follow Him, to be His closest fiiends and instruments and channels of His saving grace to all people, especially to those who form the family of God of the Holy Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA.

As the Seminary commences its Academic Year we would be remiss if we did not remind those who pray and study in its sacred precincts that they are called to intimate relationship with Christ, the Only-begotten Son of God.This relationship produces spiritual maturity and gives rise to that which the Orthodox Christian world in general and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in particular is in need of in this 21st century, namely Orthodox priests-pastors who are men of prayer, models of holiness, men in love with and devoted to the Gospel of life, which they are called upon to love and proclaim in season and out of season and the Eucharistic Christ Whom they with trepidation hold in their hands at every Liturgy and distribute to the faithful who approach with awe, faith and love.

Throughout the Seminary's almost 4 decades devoted to prayer and study, Christ our true God sent forth His new apostles, new witnesses, new heralds who as Deacons, Priests and Bishops continue to preach the Kingdom of God and repentance.

May the Master of the Harvest, Christ our True God, the Way, Truth and Life, continue to bring forth from St. Sophia Seminary, spiritual fruit - vocations of quality, who by His love will enhance the vineyards into which He will send them.

With the assurance of our prayers, love and paternal support,

+ Antony
Metropolitan and Seminary Rector

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