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Bishop Daniel and St. Sophia Seminary Students Give a GIFT of LIFE – Donate Blood!


On Wednesday morning, September 23, 2015 several seminarians of St. Sophia Ukrainian Orthodox Theological Seminary (South Bound Brook, NJ) following their regular calls schedule and being moved by the discussion in PPM301 Class- Filed Education Ministry Practicum (His Grace Bishop Daniel – Instructor) traveled to Robert Woods Johnson Medical Center in Somerset, NJ in order to respond to the appeal for Blood Donation.

As part of the Syllabus for the course – the goal of such educational ministry is to engage course participants in their formation as leaders of pastoral care-giving in and through Orthodox Christian communities. Among the objectives of the course are the following criteria:

1. To develop an approach to pastoral care that is attentive to the theological interpretation of human experience, and that makes use of all the traditional resources for ministry (Scripture, theological thinking, prayer and liturgical life).

2. To develop an appreciation of the Faith Community’s responsibility for care ministry.

3. To demonstrate an awareness of dangers, problems, and challenges facing the Church and pastor in a modern society.

4. To explore the way in which the self of the caregiver is intrinsic to the process of Christian care-giving, and to encourage attentiveness to self, self-care, appropriate professional boundaries and the knowledge of one’s limits as a caregiver.

5. To develop a personal character and skills profile as it relates to the pastoral functions.

6. To understand the nature of ministry in the 21st century and being able to compare and contrast how ministry has changed in the past 50 years.

Subdeacon Ivan Chopko and Subdeacon Volodymyr Yavorskyy along with His Grace Bishop Daniel visited the Blood Donor room and reflected upon the importance to give (donate) blood, as such activities could help save lives of millions in the country whenever people are in critical health condition.

The next two hours were spend in filling out the appropriate medical forms and making a generous give of life to those that might be at risk of serious health issues.

If you would to become an active part in saving lives through you ability to donate blood, please reach out to your local Hospitals in order to learn about the Blood Donation opportunities.

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