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St. Sophia Seminary Students Commemorate the Battle of Kruty Heroes


97 years ago - 29 January, 1918 - 300 Kyiv students, cadets and high school pupils fought in the Battle of Kruty defending their homeland, their independence and ultimately their future. The history of the exploits of the Heroes of Kruty has been passed from mouth to mouth for decades. The young patriots demonstrated that their love for their country was more powerful than any internal or external danger.

The students of St. Sophia Ukrainian Orthodox Theological Seminary spent this day in prayer, reflection and learning about the efforts for basic rights of freedom, as the political, economic and ecclesiastical battle for liberty and justice is lived out by so many Ukrainians throughout the world these days. The seminarians started their day in prayer at the Consistory of the UOC of the USA chapel, recalling in their prayers the sacrifices of many young students of 1918 and present times.

In his remarks, following the Memorial service for the victims of this historic symbol of patriotism, with the blessing of he Primate of the UOC of the USA Metropolitan Antony, His Grace Bishop Daniel stated: “Today, 97 years later, in a difficult political environment, this example of true patriotism teaches all us to live as one big family and a modern nation with its own history, with due respect, and the ability to achieve the highest goals…. We commit the souls of those young men and women that lost their lives in the battle of Kruty and most recently on the Maydans of Ukraine into the loving embrace of our Savior…. The youth of today, you, are active, caring and have your own stance as citizens. It is up to you to determine the future of our nations, because you are the driving force of our democratic aspirations, which proclaims human rights and the value of life above all else… Marking the anniversary of the Battle of Kruty we must express confidence in the totally patriotic stances of every person of good will, who wishes and strives for peace, calm and the prosperity. Memory Eternal!”

Later in the day, the students traveled to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty in order to learn about the story of an immigrant to the United States of America and many sacrifices that people made throughout the history in their efforts to live in free and democratic society.

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